Kittens are here!


Hi, Thank you so much for stopping by our website. I hope you fall in love with the Bengal cat as much as I have. I am located in Aurora,IL. We are about 1 hour west of Chicago. I used to be involved in the Bengal world back in 1998-2003.  I had a beautiful Brown marble female named Savannah. She was a Triple Grand Champion. She was my best buddy. If I was working, she was on my desk. While sitting in a chair watching TV, she was on my lap. At night she was in my bed. She was the sweetest cat ever. She was so smart. She would come when you called her. It was like having another dog in the house.

I lost her in 2011 and thought I would never find another cat like her. I started my own family, so I was out of the Bengal world about 9 years. In 2011 I started researching and saw they had a new TICA approved color, a silver! I fell in love with the color. They look like little snow leopards.

I starting calling a ton of breeders and finally settled on a kitten from Denton’s Bengals. Thanks to Stephanie for giving up her pick of the litter for me. My female Khloe is a Silver Rosetted Bengal and sweet as can be. She is just like Savannah, my cat that passed away. I put her in her first show this year she received 420 points. That was more than enough to be a champion but she needs 1 final to be crowned. She was not too happy in the show ring so I will probably not pursue the title.

Why buy a kitten from Chicago Bengals?

The main reason is socialization. My kittens will be raised with my 3 Labradors and my toddler son. You cannot get more social then that. I believe with all animals the more they are exposed to different environments the more relaxed and easy going they are.

Next is pedigree. You want a breeder that loves the animal and is working to help improve the breed.

Kitten prices start at $2000.00

Breeder /show $3000.00-$3500.00

$2000.00 is the AVERAGE pet price and the Show /breeder price is $3000.00. You will find kitten prices all over the place. $1500-$3500.00 is pretty standard. There is a lot that goes into breeding and showing. Most breeders actually lose money breeding. I am doing it because I love this breed. Everyone should have a Bengal!

We will only be having 1 or 2 litters a year so you may want to get a $500 deposit in now to reserve a kitten.

Feel Free to call me with questions.

Kelly LeFevre


All of our bengals are TICA registered and ChicagoBengals is a TICA registered cattery and is a member in good standing with The International Bengal Cat Society, Inc.”This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc.”

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